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3 Ways to Winterize Garage Doors

08/13/2014 Back To Blog

Winter brings with it many good things including carols, snow and Christmas. However, the season tends to produce some undesirable effect, too, for example, a stuck garage door. Keep reading to learn about some of the most commonly encountered wintertime problems in regards to garage doors and possible ways to solve those problems.3 Ways to Winterize Garage Doors

How to protect your garage during the winter

* Check for Gaps

Gaps underneath your overhead door, pedestrian door or windows could be letting in unwanted cold air into your home. If you discover a gap, you should buy new weather stripping from your local hardware or home improvement store and use them to fill the gap. By doing so, you would be able to prevent draught from getting into your house.

* Insulate Your Garage Door

During the cold months of winter, it’s important for your garage door to have maximum thermal efficiency so that it is able to retain as much heat inside your home as possible. One of the best options is insulated steel sectional doors that typically have multiple layers of insulation to prevent heat loss and are rust and corrosion resistant, too. Such a door would be a great addition to your garage particularly because it would last for a long time and, therefore, protect your garage for many winters to come.

* Check For Bent or Loose Hinges

To keep your home as warm as possible this winter you should check for bent or loose garage door hinges and shafts, broken wheels and worn out bearings as these could seriously affect how well your garage door operates and its ability to keep your home well insulated.

Overall, to keep your home warm during the winter months and ultimately save on your heating costs, you should ensure that your garage door does not allow draught to get into your home with good insulation and a new bottom seal. In fact, seal any gap, make sure all frames are fine, and the entire system is in outstanding condition.

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